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spark remote

  1. A

    WTB Spark - PURCHASED for $250

    Anyone have a used DJI Spark w/ Remote they would like to sell? Kinda a long shot, but figured there was no hurt in asking. I have $300 to spend, and that has to include shipping. Again, kinda a long shot - but still :) And before anyone asks - no, this is not a joke; Im located in Florida and...
  2. John MacAulay

    OTG cables for Ipad mini 4 and Spark Remote

    I realize there has been many questions and answers here on this subject, but after all the searching and reading, I'm still confused about the proper set up of a new Ipad mini 4 (just ordered) and my spark controller. I tried a brand new Asus tablet which led to a 1 second lag on the video feed...