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sphere mode

  1. J

    Spark suddenly will not let me access the sd card remotely-sphere mode.

    Been working fine for the few days; now I can't make sphere photos because this buggy aircraft is always doing something odd. Very inconsistent device. will forgo a mavic if thats what I have to expect from it. the last couple of days I've had no trouble with the sphere mode/stitching...
  2. H

    Export 360 sphere to cardboard / vr viewer app?

    Hey, I love the 360 sphere photos out of my Spark! However, the subsequent export options feel... lacking, to say the least. When you download it to your camera roll it's a flat view (no way other than snapshot to extract the tiny planet view?), and there's no way in the app (or via e xport) to...
  3. Airtex

    Riddle Me This ‘o Sparky Sphere

    I’ve tried in vain to get the sphere mode to work on my spark using an IPhone 6 Plus. All firmware is up to date and the bird appears to be working perfectly except sphere. I make it to where the stitching is almost completed then Spark cuts to another screen, not the “tiny planet” view, and...
  4. MileHighSi

    Impatiently awaiting Sphere Mode

    Really looking forward to the .700 firmware update, which is said to facilitate Sphere Mode. Really hoping that (like the other pano modes) the originals all get saved to the SD card. In the meantime I've tried my own, although I need to find a way to fix the central pinch point. Sunset at Eco...