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  1. SlaVa

    Spark. Intelligent flight modes in one video.

    Hello! In this video, I tested Spark's intelligent flight modes. Maybe someone will be interested to see what Spark can do and how it looks in the video. Sorry for the Russian titles :)
  2. Simon Cooper

    Speed Comparison Across 5 Of Spark’s Different Flight Modes

  3. Hotwire

    DJI forces drone pilots to pass safety test before lift-off in Australia

    So for Australian pilots Go 4 APP has a quiz that will keep popping up if you don't do it fully. I have done this quiz and consider it a great idea. It's more about information as you can keep guessing until the correct answer is reached. So you can't really get it wrong, it just makes sure...
  4. I

    Tried out the PolarPro ND Filters, What are you using?

    Tried out the Cinema shutter collection ND Filters from Polar Pro. Awesome results, found the ND filter selection APP spot on. What are you using? So far, Polar Pro top of the tree, Freewell stick-on ones, defo in the bin..
  5. PaulArcher

    Mavic vs Spark stability and sound test

    Hello guys, I flew both my drones a few days ago in moderate wind conditions and recorded them in time to see what happens. I tracked both drones in after effects to check the graph of how much each deviates from their spot. Also recorded some sound. both seem pretty **** stable in GPS...