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  1. NutterBee

    Fly Safe Update not Loading

    I have been getting the update for Precise Fly Safe update... but I get it going and download it, but the actual update never loads... it just says retry after a couple minutes.
  2. D

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS. From the change log not much has been updated, some general bug fixes and better notifications, but there might be under the cover updates. Has anyone been brave enough to try it with their Spark yet?
  3. I

    So, Didn't Update Firmware 1/9/2017.. Still was able to palm launch

    Thought would see what would be state of play on the 2/9/17 IF didn't do the upgrade. I understand how/why but was really concerned that I could still launch/fly in gesture mode...
  4. R

    Using DJI Assistant 2 To Update Firmware

    I just used the DJI Assistant 2 software to update the firmware on the Spark airframe and all three of my batteries after today's firmware release. After doing so, I connected the RC controller to the computer using usb cable, expecting it to show up on the Assistant software. It never...
  5. Caiokv

    DJI Spark Battery Bricked During Firmware Update Two Middle LEDs On

    Hello all, My DJI Spark battery just became paper weight! Here is what happened: I was updating my DJI Spark, with my phone connected to the controller via WiFi and the controller connected to Spark. At 98% of the update the aircraft would not turn on, and the battery was stuck with the two...
  6. DesertWindAero

    Upgrading firmware via WiFi

    This may sound like a dumb question...but, why do you have to be connected to a WiFi network to download firmware updates? My device (iPad, iPhone) is connected via Verizon LTE...is that not good enough? Thanks in advance...