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vision system

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    Where to start... Gimbal, vision system, and GPS issues

    This started with a crash where I broke the gimbal. I replaced, but broke the IMU ribbon in the process. I then replaced the IMU ribbon, but then broke the front sensor ribbon in the process. The gimbal, IMU module, and sensor ribbon have all been replaced using used eBay parts. The...
  2. A

    SPARK PART HELP! Hole cover for downward vision system

    Hi all, I wonder if there's anyone in Melbourne or elsewhere who can help me. To my surprise the other day I noticed that one of the little round dark lens covers that protect the downward vision infra red LED and sensor has popped out never to be seen again. I asked DJI about it and they want...
  3. 2

    Spark Infrared LED - What wavelength or frequency?

    Per Spark user manual, there's an infrared module for the 3D sensing system at the front of the aircraft, as well as underneath for the vision system. The 3d emitter / receiver appears similiar to some I've encountered with arduino. Anyone know what wavelength or frequency the IR runs on for...