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wifi connection

  1. Gary Benzion

    Newbie Observations on OTG and WiFI

    As a Spark newbie I discovered a few hurdles that may be of interest to some or merely old bromides to those of you with more experience. In no order of importance, they are: · I tried 3 different OTG cables before I was able to get one to work. This one works fine if you remember to...
  2. N

    Interference Issues

    I am having a hard time keeping a video feed while flying my Spark. It often says Weak Image Transmission Signal or Interference. I have tested my flight in a wide open cotton field with nothing around and am still getting these issues. Any thoughts? Notice in the first picture the Red icon on...
  3. T

    Wi-Fi connect/disconnect and repeat??

    Hi guys and gals, Flying my new spark today and loving it. Have the fly more combo. Second day flying it today. I was in a little more populated area. Using a LG G6 phone with controller no OTG cable. Spark responded fine to radio but would discounted and then re connect for a couple...
  4. D

    Alternative WiFi Signal search?

    I just received my Spark Fly More set-up the other day. I set everything up, did the firmware updates and the linking the Drone and Controller to the phone and everything worked fine with the test flight in my backyard. What I was wondering: Is there a setting in the app where it can be...