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  1. E

    Princes' Islands in Istanbul

    Hi all, Here is another landscape from Istanbul, Princess Islands from cross land, I hope you will enjoy it. Princes Islands in Istanbul
  2. S

    Tips For Uploading to YouTube?

    Hi all! Wondering whether I could get people’s various tips when it comes to uploading footage to YouTube? I figure others would find this useful also. To begin with, does anyone have advice on how to best preserve the Spark’s video quality when posting to YouTube? In this vid, the final...
  3. S

    !Dolphins in Australia! Spark Footage

    While the northern hemisphere is freezing away it’s a sunny summer down here!
  4. Liamski

    First FCC flight over Mitcham Common.

    First proper flight in my usual place with the Spark in FCC mode, and the difference is unbelievable. Burned through 4 batteries, hit insane altitudes and distance without a single loss of signal, video lag, transmission issues, anything. This has completely transformed the Spark for me, was so...
  5. X

    Another new video from the 11 year old kid

    Yep, here is the new one. Thanks for watching. Please remember to comment on youtube. Also, if you give me a like and subscribe, I would really appreciate it. Thanks and check it out.
  6. X

    Three videos by an 11 year old kid

    Kai Tak, Hong Kong is originally sea and was made up to build Hong Kong's first airport. Now, it is demolished as the airport is moved to Chek Lap Kok/Kwok 20 years ago. Still, we can see some part of the runway left before it was closed for construction starting from yesterday Link: Vlog 001...
  7. C

    - #lovearmylasvegas - Coming Through (DJI SPARK)

    Click here to support Love Army for Las Vegas organized by Casey Neistat #lovearmylasvegas Today I tried to fly the DJI SPARK through a window, tumble winds and a tractor. It was good fun, then I heard the news about the senseless attack in Las Vegas, just as I was finishing the editing. I...
  8. C


    Thank you for your continuous support. It means a lot to me. A little behind the scenes for you from my first official commercial project. BTW If you have a dead cat laying around, DM me on IG for my address. A special thank you to Ken Heron for taking his time to give me some great advice...
  9. M1dn1ght N1nj4

    New pilot coming from Worthington, Ohio!

    I purchased the Fly More Combo, with an Alpine White Spark. Won a bid and paid $640 instead of the typical $699. I ended up spending the rest of the $60 on some accessories. Clip-on landing gear: Landing Gear Landing Feet Bracket Protector Heighten For DJI Spark RC Drone US Lens Hood: Sun...
  10. C


    The Frogner Park is outside the no fly zone. I spent the day there with my daughter, spoke Chinese and we also brought the DJI Spark. Apparently after the last firmware update, I should be able to shoot 4K in quick shot mode, I haven't tried it yet, have any of you?
  11. C

    Getting cinematic shots with the DJI SPARK?

    Is it possible? Well, I tried and it would be great to hear what other's think. This is a collaborative effort with some of my fellow creators on YouTube, friends from all over the world. All the drone shots and camera work on my part was done by my 12 year old daughter. I am working on more...