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- #lovearmylasvegas - Coming Through (DJI SPARK)

Capitan Bastos

Active Member
Jul 14, 2017

Click here to support Love Army for Las Vegas organized by Casey Neistat

Today I tried to fly the DJI SPARK through a window, tumble winds and a tractor. It was good fun, then I heard the news about the senseless attack in Las Vegas, just as I was finishing the editing. I decided not to change what was already made, because I believe senseless attacks, violence and terror should never dictate. I believe allowing that would be a tragic defeat. I did feel I had something to say, though.

I thought about making a video
not so much about the shooting,
It was a terrible and senseless act
Something beyond comprehension

I thought about talking about
what happened here July 22 2011
About, how after, thousands of people
Flooded the streets with roses

Casey Neistat made a video
The link to the go fund me is
In the description…
Some people got upset that he made that

I understand that there´s a lot
Of people in Puerto Rico, Mexico,
All over the world really, that are suffering
And that could use a helping hand.

What just happened in Las Vegas,
It´s a reminder of all the ugly, bad things.
It´s also a reminder to do good things.
I encourage everyone to do that.

Do something nice for someone,
Donate money, help someone out
Smile to a stranger, give a big tip
Or just give a loved one an extra long hug

Sometimes the world just
doesn´t make sense.
Most of the time, really.
Policemen were just fighting firemen
in the streets of Spain...

Back when I was having a really hard time
I turned to my father for advice
I´ll leave you with what he said:

“In crisis, there is opportunity.”

Pretty sure someone else said that
But I´ll always remember them as
My father´s words and as...


Casey Neistat:

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