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DJI Spark - Share Your "Kit"

Young Dro(ne)

New Member
Jul 11, 2017
I recently received my DJI Spark and love it. I am brand-new to drones, and was attracted to the Spark due to its portability, price point, and promise of consumer-friendly features (like Gesture Mode).

I wanted to share the "kit" I've started to assemble of accessories and parts, and invite others to share their own kits and feedback.

Drone: DJI Spark (Meadow Green)
Controller: DJI Spark Controller (GL100A)
Display: NVIDIA SHIELD K1 (Available used at B&H for $165)
Display Holder: Bester Aluminum Alloy (Available at Amazon for $23)
OTG Cable: Meenova 1' MicroUSB to MicroUSB (Available at Amazon for $6)
Batteries: 3 x DJI Flight Battery
Battery Charger: DJI Intelligent Battery Charging Hub
FAA Reg Label: DroneLabels (Available 3 for $7 on Etsy)
Protective Case: QuickDraw Armor (Available from the one and only Dirty J for $20)


Well-Known Member
Jun 13, 2017
I'm slowly adding to this kit, but here's what I've got/ordered so far!

Spark Fly More Combo (DJI Spark)
DJI Care Refresh (DJI) I'd say I feel refreshed, but I haven't crashed yet so I'll get back to ya'll on that one...
OTG Cable (Amazon) Totally didn't try to copy you... I think.
SD, Micro SD to USB adapter (Amazon) There's a Pink one for those adventurous enough.
Landing Gear (Amazon) I find my Spark, Bubbles, has a particular taste, and grass isn't among its favorites.
Motor Covers (Amazon) Remember guys, Always use protection!... Ok, you've had your laugh. Minds out of the gutter now.
Gimbal Cover (Amazon) If you haven't guessed yet we like South America, Brazil has a great online page going!

Landing Gear and Motor Covers together it seems, just found these while getting the links again (Amazon) They always come out with the goods After I fork over the cash... I said out of the gutter guys!

To be bought soon:
Case (Amazon) Anyone find one like this with a shoulder strap? It's sorta grown on me.
Cable that doesn't stick out... (Amazon) Not many thing poke my hand in an annoying way, but when they do... I buy a different cable.
Spark Battery (Amazon) What's the current record for fastest Spark battery change time?
Range Extenders (Amazon) Did you know there's more Gold in 1 ton of Phones than 1 Ton of ore.
And finally the big battery, for the smaller batteries, charged from huge batteries... Yeah (ChargeTech)

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