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FAA Delays RID deadline!?

I B Spectre

Well-Known Member
Aug 16, 2019
I ran across a YT video by Ken Heron discussing word that the FAA is postponing the Sept. 16th deadline for implementation requiring Remote Identification for drones. I searched the subject and found numerous other sites saying the same thing, although it's my understanding the FAA has not released official word.

Seems the arbitrary Sept. 16 deadline means drone manufacturers and entities wanting to provide broadcast RID modules are not prepared at this time. The FAA's original speculation that compliant modules would cost in the neighborhood of $50 USD has not materialize and most existing modules are $200+ USD. This means, even IF the modules were available, the price is regarded as being too high which means a significant number of drone pilots would likely fly without RID compliance.

It's bad enough for those operating under Part 107 because, unlike recreational fliers, they are not allowed to swap an RID module between multiple drones and would have to have one for EACH UAS. Ken Heron's discussion also discussed the fact that a high percentage of local law enforcement have no idea what RID is or Part 107. So, even though Congress has mandated it and the effective dates have slipped repeatedly, those most likely to enforce it are not equipped to do so. Who'd a thunk it?!

No word on when the next deadline will be, but if it goes as well as it has so far, I wouldn't hold my breath...maybe that's not such a bad thing.
Perhaps? But, the document in this thread seems to indicate there is no chance the deadline will be moved.
It seems subsequent events have settled the issue.

It will be interesting to see how the "industry" responds in regard to attachable remote units at anything close to the FAA's earlier estimate of around $50 USD. Six months will go quickly and even with the lead-time up to now, the initial offering is not encouraging. Those awaiting a compliant firmware upgrade will benefit most from the FAA's statement.

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