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Nebula wind

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Oct 30, 2018
HERAION, Ancient sanctuary, LOUTRAKI PERACHORAS Greece.

In the northwest of Loutraki 81 km from Athens and then the green village of Perachora , near the Lighthouse of Cape Malagavi the ruins of the famous sanctuary are preserved of Hera. The Heraion of Perachora consists of two parts and for this reason it was believed until recently that it was about two sanctuaries, dedicated to Hera Akrea (=at the end of the land) and in Hera Limenia (=of the port). Newer excavations have led to them today researchers in the opinion that there was only one sanctuary, of Hera Akraia - Limenia.
In the southernmost part of the sanctuary - formerly known as the sanctuary of Hera Akraias - the cult began during the Geometric period. It was built around 800 BC the first arched temple of Hera, of which today nothing is saved. Against in the 6th century e.g. a new temple of Hera was built a little further west. It was Doric rate, with a rectangular floor plan and dimensions of 10.30X31m. It was accompanied by an altar to east, which was elongated and bore triglyph decoration. In the 4th c. e.g 8 Ionic columns were added around the altar, supporting a canopy for the protection of the priests and the sacred fire from the strong winds of the region. Further east it was built during the 4th century. BC a two-story C-shaped arcade, with Doric columns on the ground floor and Ionic columns on the first floor. A building revealed to the west of the Doric temple has been interpreted as a religious and commercial market use.
At a distance of 200m, the second part of the sanctuary was excavated, which had initially identified with the so-called sanctuary of Hera Limenia. This opinion, which was expressed by Professor H. Payne, was based on the existence of a rectangular building of the archaic times, which was considered as a temple of Hera. The next digger, Professor R. Tomlison, investigated the site systematically and interpreted the building in question as a restaurant for the worship needs of the faithful. So it seems that the core cult will practiced in the southern part, in the port, while in the area of ??the restaurant they would be located auxiliary facilities for devotees.

Lake Vouliagmeni is a lagoon located 16 kilometers northwest of Loutraki , very close to the area of ??the archaeological site of Herai and the settlement of Perachora . It has a maximum length of 2 km and a maximum width of about 1 km. Its depth does not exceed 40 meters. It has a sandy beach in contrast to the beach of Loutraki. It communicates with the waters of the Gulf of Corinth through a very narrow channel whose width does not exceed 6 meters. [3]

In ancient times it was called Eschatiotis but also Gorgopis, a name it took from Gorgis daughter of Megareus who drowned in the lake. In the area near the narrow channel of the lake, traces of human settlement of the Proto-Hellenic period have been identified, evidence that the area has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC.

Wonderful views of this beautiful place and appreciate the info as well. Not many floating in the water around here with the 12°C temp today. 😆
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