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Sold $370: mint DJI Spark + 4 batteries + $700 of accessories - Denver Colorado area


Mar 18, 2019
Yellow Spark in near mint condition.
I collected every accessory, have flown very little, no crashes, all 4 batteries are healthy.
Takes beautiful photos and videos.

I love my Spark. Tough decision. I’m selling because I want to buy Star Wars Legos to build with my kids.

DJI Spark drone has “follow me” mode and obstacle avoidance sensors, so it can automatically fly around obstacles!
So important when using “return to home”.
The newer DJI smaller drones do not have these features. Only the really expensive DJI drones.

Many other DJI Spark owners suggest this is the most durable Drone DJI has built to date. (I've never crashed mine)

Full inventory:
1. DJI Spark Yellow - zero issues, flies perfect, near mint, very little flight time
2. 4 OEM DJI batteries - healthy with a long charge
3. Nanuk 915 waterproof bulletproof case - $150 when new
4. Beautiful clamshell case - fits the portable charging station, controller, Spark, three batteries, and some cable/accessories - perfect!
5. Samsung 64 GB Evo select micro SDXC card - barely used
6. OEM DJI Controller - $140 when new
7. OEM DJI Lens/gimbal storage protector
8. OEM DJI (two) AC wall adapters - for the Spark and portable battery charger - Nice to have a spare
9. OEM DJI shoulder bag/case
10. OEM DJI triple battery charger
11. OEM DJI portable battery charger - $150 when new - this is so nice
12. OEM DJI extra set of 4 propellers
13. OEM DJI propeller guards
14. Aftermarket propeller guards + landing gear
15. Aftermarket sun glare shield and gimbal protector very light, works great
16. Aftermarket antenna range extenders - new never used but great reviews
17. Aftermarket vented finger guards - protects my little kids' fingers when holding/lauching the spark
18. Aftermarket underneath phone holder - made of metal, excellent, will also work with my phone case on!
19. PolarPro overhead phone holder - Will work with my phone case on!
20. PolarPro Lens filters: polarizer, neutral density eight ND8 neutral density 16 ND16 - $50 when new, these are really nice
21. PolarPro remote lock - protects the remote control knobs
22. OTG cable - iPhone Lightning
23. All original cables and instruction manuals from DJI

Available for a test flight and local pick up in Denver, Colorado.
$395 for members of this forum. (Was over $1300 total when new)
Also would consider trades for larger LEGO Star Wars sets and vehicles.

I'd prefer to sell local for cash.
If no one local wants to buy, I may consider other mutually safe options like Paypal G&S.
But I hear that Paypal G&S now submits sales to the IRS to be added to our year end income tax? : (

IMG-1036 - Copy (Large).jpg
IMG-1060 (Large).JPG IMG-1049 (Large).jpg IMG-1043 (Large).jpg IMG-1061 (Large).JPG

IMG-1056 (Large).JPG DJI_0205.JPG DJI_0231.JPG


Well-Known Member
Apr 20, 2019
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Wow, great kit, almost the same as mine minus the case and a few different access, I have 5 great batteries still thankfully.
Love my charging station too !!
It's so fast to recharge, can fly spasmodically pretty much all day when going for a day drive.

Good luck with the sale, and the fun with the kids on the lego.
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Spark 317

Well known member with a Spark and a Mavic Air 2.
Premium Pilot
Jul 10, 2017
Indiana, USA
I love my Spark. Tough decision. I’m selling because I want to buy Star Wars Legos to build with my kids.

Spoiler alert, the Death Star gets destroyed.

No assembly required. :D

The Spark kit looks like mine except for the charging unit.

I'd be interested in the Spark by itself, but the sale would be better as a kit.

Good luck with your sale. 👍

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Mar 18, 2019
Yeah, hopefully this one will survive the kids 😂

Just FYI for those tracking prices, the Spark and accessories sold for 370 cash local to a happy buyer that will hopefully join this forum.

We did a test flight together and I was amazed/reminded just how much fun it is to fly the Spark.

I’ll keep this account active and keep an eye on this forum and maybe buy a Spark again someday.

At the moment I am looking for the Lego Ewok village….

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