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Spark Carry Bags / Backpacks


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May 26, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
As more and more Sparks take the skies, more and more Spark accessories become available, everybody us asking about Carry Bags or Backpacks for the Spark. We wanted to show DJI's newest bag options that have been added to the lineup which both work great with the Spark and accessories.


The bag shown on the right is the DJI Spark Shoulder Bag which is the bag that is included in the Spark Fly More Combo which many of us are very familiar with. As many Spark owners have experienced, it's a nice bag but doesn't offer a lot of real estate for Spark Pilots to transport everything you wish to transport with your Spark, safely.

The bag on the left is the all new DJI Sling Bag which DJI has designed to carry the DJI Goggles and Mavic. It features two main compartments, one designed to fit the Goggles and the other designed to fit the Mavic. However, we feel this is also a great bag for the Spark that allows you to have a bit more room room than the Shoulder Bag, and also features a nice sling shoulder strap that is a bit more ideal for hiking, walking or taking your Spark wherever you're going with it.

Here are some shots of the Sling Bag with a Spark.


Both of these bags are IN STOCK and ready to ship from Advexure. Please see links below.

Buy DJI Sling Bag for Spark$79
Buy DJI Shoulder Bag for Spark$59

Should you have any questions pertaining to these bags, or you would like to see any specific images, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Safe and happy flying to all!
-The Advexure Team :cool:

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