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Train Track Photos For Rail Fans

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Roy Rogers

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Feb 21, 2019
The Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Railway built the taller of the two structures which stand before you in 1908. At 167 feet over the Copper Creek - Clinch River junction, the Copper Creek Viaduct was then one of the tallest railroad bridges in the eastern United States. Construction of this trestle -- and many other bridges and fifty five tunnels -- by the CC&O opened up coal deposits in Virginia and Kentucky via a superbly engineered direct rail route to numerous cities in the Carolinas, Georga, and Florida. Prior to its compltion, alternate rail routes to these markets were over on hundred miles longer and featured some of the steepest grades in the United States. More than a century later this viaduct is still a vital link in the rail network of Clinchfield's successor company, CSX transportation. An average of 18 to 24 coal trains currently pass daily over this bridge, keeping the lights on in such major cities as Charlotte, Columbia, Jacksonville, Orelando, and Charleston. Northbound coal empties are returning to the rich coal seams of Eastern Kentucky, Virginia, and Southern West Virginia. Additional trains carrying general merchandise, grain, plastics, lumber, chemicals, and aggregates also pass over the trestle. The lower bridge was constructed by the Southern Atlantic & Ohio railroad around 1890 and is currently owned by Norfolk Southern corporation. Close to one hundred per cent of the business is handled by Norfolk Southern, though they are competitors, allow each to use the others tracks, so trains of both railroads can often be seen on either of the Copper Creek trestles.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Voting for your favorite is appreciated !
info: All photos are screen shots from the below video filmed at the end of last winter and edited in Microsoft Photo.
Copper Creek Tresel

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