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Recent content by Greekislandlover

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    Litchi: mission to take a video from one fixed spot with a 360 look around?

    If you just want to rotate Sparky 360 on the spot, would manually flying it be worth trying? Fly to spot, adjust Gimbal and yaw it round on the spot?
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    Just bought my spark waiting for it to arrive anything I should know?

    Avoid trees. Flying over water I'm fine with, but trees are very unforgiving! Just remember that the obstacle avoidance sensors do not work going backwards or sideways. Did I mention the trees thing????? Have fun!
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    question about flying over concrete path

    The thing I'd add is that a Litchi flight path I did up a drive worked fine until I got to a canopy of trees. It went into atti mode as the GPS was interfered with and behaved badly. If the drone loses GPS because of flying under stuff that might also be relevant. I do like the hand held...
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    First shots

    I do think that using a drone for still photography is underused sometimes. It's a great tool to get good pictures from the best possible perspective. My good examples are on the way to work I was passing an historic castle and the lighting was just right. Rain stopped, sun on castle and dark...
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    Go 4 Android crashes

    Bit of feedback on this. I went out tonight and did some filming with Go 4 with both the tablet and phone in airplane mode once the map had loaded and I didn't get any drop outs. Seems that might be the problem :)
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    Kimmeridge, Dorset, UK

    This place near me is part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site. Geology gone mad. I was hoping the tide would be out so I got some good shots of the rocks in the bay. However, tide was high. It's mostly clay so there are regular rock falls that expose fossils - especially early in the...
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    Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, UK

    Old Harry I'm going to have to go back and have another go. Didn't get the shots I wanted as my wife didn't want to hang around as it was cold!
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    Newbie Questions

    Oh yeah - that's what I meant! Third party ones. Sorry!
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    Newbie Questions

    I use OEM blades from Amazon and they are fine. Forget the name. The benefit of connecting the controller to the phone or tablet is apparently better connection between them. Less lag and no wifi dropouts. I use an OTG cable on my Android tablet. I live by the coast in the south of England...
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    Go 4 Android crashes

    Hi, and thanks for the reply. I do use the controller all the time, and use a good OTG cable to connect it to the tablet. I do wonder if it's to do with the wifi though. I use my phone as a wifi hotspot to get the local map from the internet as the tablet has no phone facility. So it might help...
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    Go 4 Android crashes

    Hi, I know this is an ongoing issue with both Android and Apple. I've been using Litchi mostly because of it. I have used several Android devices and it happens on all of them. Currently I'm using a Huawei T5 10 tablet with a good OTG cable between tablet and controller. I've not had one single...
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    Horton Tower

    There are several theories why this tower was built including stargazing and so the landowner could watch the hunt on his lands. It's fallen into disrepair in recent years. Vodafone did restore it to use it as a cellphone mast some years ago, but that's all gone now and it's back to a peaceful...
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    LVM vs actual flight

    I find it's not perfect, but pretty close. I tend to run VLM to check for trees and buildings and approximately what it will look like. I know trees grow and buildings change but I always allow plenty of clearance. It does give you a go at honing the mission before flying it. I did a friends...
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    Which is more demanding on your mobile hardware?

    I find Go 4 crashes randomly. I have used it on my phone, and purchased a tablet dedicated to the drone. The phone had several crashes, so I got a tablet - a Huawei P5 10. Octa core with good memory and it randomly crashed the other night whilst in flight. Reconnected OK, but worrying especially...
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    Lytchett Minster Church

    It's about 10 minutes from my house in Dorset, UK. I was experimenting with flying techniques so edited the best bits together.