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Recent content by Luno

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    What other hobby have you picked up while in quarantine?

    While getting out flying is a bit tough atm, I’ve started making resin art. For someone who really isn’t artistic I’ve had a lot of fun with these!
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    Fly backwards in Litchi

    If you want it backwards why not fly it forwards and then reverse the video in editing? Same same but easier?
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    worth buying spark 2020 or mini

    I haven’t actually looked in depth at the mini but I still feel like the spark can do more cinematically. For me that’s more important than slightly longer battery life and slightly higher definition
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    Drone travel on plane? Carry on or checked?

    Just boarded no issues! Thanks for the replies
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    Drone travel on plane? Carry on or checked?

    Check it out, but late to get some but I’ll get them for the future and just tape the battery terminals. I’ve got the fly more case so at least it all looks packed away nicely
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    Drone travel on plane? Carry on or checked?

    Terminals? Like the battery terminals?
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    Drone travel on plane? Carry on or checked?

    I know there is weird things with batteries do you carry on or check your drone?
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    Goku is the Tokyo olympics ambassador!

    Any dragon ball fans out there goku has been named as an ambassador for the 2020 Olympic games! I mean easily the greatest thing Japan has ever produced is dragon ball so it makes sense :P https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.konbini.com/en/amp/entertainment-2/goku-2020-tokyo-olympics/
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    Flying Low Safely

    Hmmm I don’t know that’s the way I normally attach photos through Tapatalk unless it’s changed on here? I checked my flight logs and the lowest I’ve gotten according to the gps over water is 2ft, average around 3ft
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    Flying Low Safely

    I’ve flown mine over I’d say 2ft above water and waves lots. I’m pretty sure it’s sensors were still on as I’ve never turned them off. It’s pretty stable so I’ve never been concerned with it going into the water. Just give it a go I did and didn’t have any issues so kept doing it That’s a...
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    Active track

    No issues here either it’s been perfect every time I’ve tried to use it
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    To calibrate or not?

    I calibrate before every flight it literally takes a couple minutes and may be the difference between a save flight and something going wrong so I do it as a pre flight precaution
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    Aussie flyers the recent swap of safety apps?

    So I was about to fly at the Sunshine Coast today. Went to open up my can I fly there app and it wasn’t working. Found out that CASA retired the app in favor of a new one open sky. How do you guys feel about this new app? To my quick play with it today it told me I couldn’t fly where I intended...
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    Good video editing tool 4 chromebooks?

    Filmora Wondershare, very reasonably priced, easy to use and quality effects. I don’t know about chrome book but I have used it on an old crappy laptop before and it could just handle it so surely anything can
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    COPPA Law Changes with YouTube - If you don't know, you better find out

    I think they could word it better but surely it simply means is your target audience children. If your target audience isn’t children then that’s fine. I mean how many channels from an adult even without something you would consider “adult content” Be directed at children? I do understand the...