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Recent content by Rick in Timisoara

  1. Rick in Timisoara

    Hi from new pilot from Croatia

    Hi Ivan, I'm also a new pilot, I'm British but live in Romania. I've been restricted to flying low in my garden, I need to go out if town to really fly but just not had the opportunity yet.
  2. Rick in Timisoara

    Taking my Spark to Cyprus in December - need camera s/n

    You need to register your drone prior to going to Cyprus - one of the questions on the registration form is "what is the camera serial number"? - does anyone know where to find it please? Its not on the box and not on the gimble assembly and not shown in the battery bay either. Hights...
  3. Rick in Timisoara

    Italian Rules from ENAC

    Here in Romania, you are required to phone the Ministry of Defence (MOD) at least 30 mins before flying, giving aircraft details (they must be registered here) & God co-ordinates of your intended flight zone & await their authorisation to fly. You can't fly over stadia and of course not enter...
  4. Rick in Timisoara

    IPA UK Member

    IPA UK Member
  5. Rick in Timisoara

    Firmware update problem).

    My Spark arrived today, my first drone. I discovered the DJI "Dance" and worked it out for myself. I couldn't however update my controller firmware, it would start and get to 5% on the progress bar and get stuck there - I checked web - if anyone using is using the Android gets the same problem...
  6. Rick in Timisoara

    Greetings from British guy living in Western Romania

    Thanks, I've lived here for 2 years now. My Spark arrived today, I managed to calibrate the compass and IMU, update soft/firmware and do 2 x auto takeoff and landing - not much as it rained all day and will be tomorrow. Grounded until at least Friday"
  7. Rick in Timisoara

    Greetings from British guy living in Western Romania

    Hi all, I'm still waiting for my Spark to arrive, but have signed up in avance looking for any hints & tips and if there's anyone nearby.....