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Recent content by RobRaleigh

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    Hello from Eastern NC!

    Welcome from Raleigh.
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    OTG Cable stopped working

    I started having the same issue on Thursday the 14th of March with my Android tablet. There was a software update and the cable then stopped working I flew yesterday for 2.5 batteries, the tablet disconnected and after I restarted everything it worked again. Today was a total waste of time...
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    Connecting RC with OTG cable

    I spent several hours on Monday working out this process. It's good to see that I eventually did it correctly.
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    After the Storm. White Rock, BC

    I'm glad you're ok. Everything can be repaired. Thank you for sharing the video.
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    Checking in from Durham, NC

    Hello from Raleigh Duce. I bought my Spark in November. I've been enjoying it so far. There is a meetup that meets at Dorthea Dix on the 5th. You should check it out.