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Recent content by sparkey44

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    Drone Remote ID becomes law

    It appears that only drones that require FAA registration must have remote ID. That would eliminate drones weighing less than 250 gr. ie mini 2.
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    Selling Drone-FAA registration transfer

    If you are going out of the drone business and giving away your drone to your grandchild, is there away you can unregister your drone?
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    Has the Mavic Mini replaced the Spark?

    Thanks for the info. When they add Litchi I will buy the mini.
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    Has the Mavic Mini replaced the Spark?

    Thanks. I also understand that you don't have to register it.
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    Has the Mavic Mini replaced the Spark?

    How does the mini handle in a 10 mph wind? No registration?
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    Spark may surprise you

    You will love the litchi waypoint missions. At least I do.
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    Spark may surprise you

    I'm hopping that some members with knowledge of the pending FAA rules will chime in on this.
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    Spark may surprise you

    I believe the answer is yes according to the FAA rules, but I don't understand why that would be necessary if you are in a unpopulated area flying with litchi waypoint mission.
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    Spark regularly disconnects from RC

    If all else fails try Litchi.
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    ugh! This is my sparks first winter so I need some tips for cold weather flying. For instance, does 35 degrees reduce flight time or interfere with normal flight activity?
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    If a Drone Could Record Sound (Resica Falls)

    WOW, really nice. Made me want to take a vacation. Any cabins for rent near by? LOL
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    Litchi flight over colorado ghost town - very close call !

    What a fun place to fly. I use litchi a lot, but I've never been brave enough to program a flight to go between two wires. LOL
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    New dji HQ in China

    What city is this?
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    Updating problems

    What were the changes in the latest update?
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    Spark for Sale *brand new* - SOLd

    Thanks, I understand. My friend that was looking for a drone has already got one so he is not interested.