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Recent content by Sr Drone

  1. Sr Drone

    Mavic mini

    I ordered my Mavic Mini two days ago, but I will keep my Spark for now for limited use occasions. I never liked the extremely limited battery time on the Spark, 1080P, unreliable wifi to the controller and lack of a the third gimbal. From what I see on the internet the Mavic Mini, although...
  2. Sr Drone

    Spark Vs. Mavic Mini

    I love my Spark but I gotta say the rock solid wifi connection combined with 30 minute flight time seals the deal for me. The 2.7k video and 3 axis gimbal is also a big plus.
  3. Sr Drone

    UK drone laws underway-effective 30 November 2019.

    Hoping to visit UK and fly a drone sometime - does the registration requirement apply to the 249g Mavic Mini? I see this on the UK.gov website: "The new laws will also require owners of drones weighing 250 grams or more to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and for drone pilots...
  4. Sr Drone

    Mavic Mini vs. Spark

    Oh yeah.. plus it's foldable, much more stable and 2.7k.
  5. Sr Drone

    Mavic Mini vs. Spark

    I am seriously considering this drone. To me, the 3 axis gimbal, enhanced wifi and 30 minute flight time are killer.
  6. Sr Drone

    I went to DC, without a drone obviously, but made this video with my gimbal!

    Got it. I have tried using the drone as a hand held gimbal without launching for indoor shots, but the videos weren't very good. Very nice video by the way!
  7. Sr Drone

    I went to DC, without a drone obviously, but made this video with my gimbal!

    Hi, just to understand ... you were walking around filming by hand with the drone/camera on but without launching/flying the drone?
  8. Sr Drone

    MP4 file from Micro SD card won’t read

    I have a high quality SD card and, yes, I did have one file corrupted last year. I was not able to recover it with VLC, Windows or other free options. I bought Stellar recovery software and it successfully recovered the file. It does cost $50 or so. To me it was worth it. When you're...
  9. Sr Drone

    Registration FAA

    Hi, you should have plenty of opportunities to fly in the USA. Just be aware no flying in state or national parks and near airports, etc.
  10. Sr Drone

    Flyaway spark

    I have had the Spark for over a year and well over 100 flights. I have never had a flyaway. I am curious to know how people are regaining control if they lose connectionbetween RC and Spark. I have had lots of disconnects but since I always set the RTH before flying it has always come home on...
  11. Sr Drone

    Flying in ITALY / ITALIA - Alphes (Trente)?!

    Just curiosity, do you have a red drone? If so, can you send a pick of how it looks with the red battery?
  12. Sr Drone

    Which drone next?

    As a camera enthusiast I always appreciate the zoom capability. Helps to frame shots more easily and as mentioned before you can get a closer shot when there are proximity restrictions.
  13. Sr Drone

    Took the Spark

    Sorry I meant refurbished it not replaced it.
  14. Sr Drone

    Took the Spark

    I had a similar experience in February with a water encounter. After drying it off, on the first attempt to fly, one of the motors caught fire. DJI Care Refresh replaced it with no problem (though they deemed it my fault) and repaired it. It works fine now. I know it was the original unit...
  15. Sr Drone

    Pedro from Brazil!

    Hi, Welcome to Spark Kingdom. I was in Salvador years ago. You should be able to get some stunning videos!