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Recent content by Willie Bornman

  1. Willie Bornman

    Spark Flyers South Africa ??

    Hi there, I am an estate agent for Farms and Small holdings north of Pretoria South Africa. I use my Spark to video the farms I sell. This gives the buyer a better perspective of the bigger property without the long walks and mountain climbs. My Spark never let me down. I pre-program way points...
  2. Willie Bornman

    Crashed my Spark Pilot Error . [MEDIA]

    Crashed my Spark Pilot Error .
  3. Willie Bornman

    Dji Spark Crash

  4. Willie Bornman

    Hallo from South Africa

    Just checking in from Cullinan Pretoria South Africa. My Spark is my photographyb tool for my Real Estate Marketing business. Today I went all the way out to a farm, put the drone in the air just to realize my memory card is still in my laptop at the office. Stupid rookie mistake I keep on making.
  5. Willie Bornman

    Dam Bikers

    Which dam is that?
  6. Willie Bornman

    Realistic range ?

    I fly my Spark often beyond 2000 Ft (600 to 700m). Limit the obstacles . Stay line of sight allthough you can't see the spark at that range. Fly high for long horizontal range range 300 ft (100m) and up.
  7. Willie Bornman

    Spark + DJI Pilot app

    I Get the message: "DJI Pilot not available for current Device. Please check relevant instructions and download correct app Version".