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  1. T

    Can we do one more Autopilot vs Litchi thread please?

    Hello fellow pilots, Since a few weeks I am a happy flyer with Sparky (on IOS) and since a good week using Autopilot from Hangar. Autopilot is a fine app but what I really would like is through autonomous flying (LCMC) and although Autopilot has that function, it also looses a lot of unique...
  2. V

    Spark and Autopilot

    Can someone explain the focus strategies in Autopilot. I read thru the Hangar Autopilot Flight School but couldn't find the definitions or examples of the focus strategies. I understand some of them, such as, triggers, subject and joystick. But what is pattern, touch, device and passive? Can...
  3. K

    IMU Error

    I have run Autopilot a while ago. Today it was impossible as there was IMU error. Loaded GO4 and calibrated the IMU as well as the compass. Then it was OK here but after shutting down everything and started Autopilot again there still was IMU error…?!? What can I do more?
  4. P

    Autopilot on Spark - deleting engagement files

    Hi, I cannot find how to delete individual engagement files from the engagement directory on the iOS device. iTunes only provides access at the directory level & Autopilot documentation does not seem to mention any other means of managing these files. I would appreciate guidance if anyone can...
  5. C

    Update: Finally lost my spark - !!! FOUND IT !!!!

    Have been lurking here for a while, trying to learn a bit, and enjoying flying my Spark. I've been playing with Autopilot as an app, and really liked how it allows for some smooth shots. But I think maybe my novice skills finally won out. I was practicing with Autopilot's "cruise" mode, which...
  6. Tom Croley

    AutoPilot and the Spark

    I recently purchased Autopilot (AP) for use with my Spark. I'll be learning how to use AP over the next few weeks. I wondering how many other people use AP with the Spark and what issues they have. I usually fly using an Ipad Mini 4 (IM4), but sometimes use and Iphone SE (SE). I will update...
  7. ProfPaul

    Litchi vs. Autopilot vs. Go 4?

    I've seen a few posts that mention Litchi and Autopilot. Could someone who uses either or both of the alternative applications please explain them, as well as the pros and cons of Litchi and Autopilot versus DJI's Go 4 software?
  8. D

    Corrupt video after autopilot 4.4 upgrade

    Hi guys I upgraded the autopilot app to V4.4 this morning and Now have corrupt video from the spark All still works fine in DJI go4
  9. D

    Spark and autopilot

    waypoints imported from google earth pro, shame it doesnt read the altitude data, but the spark did a great job in gusty conditions of up tp 20Mph, you can tell the limitations of the 2 axis gimble in these conditions, but alltogether pleased with the results.
  10. D

    My first autopilot mission

    Well guys here is my first spark autopilot mission at a friend's house that he's building it all worked out pretty well as far as the video recording went but when I tried to fly my second mission with pano set as a waypoint action the spark just hung in the air, also lost telemetry about 3/4...
  11. M

    Autopilot+Spark - Flight Mode switch on RC

    I haven't flown with Autopilot yet. I'm still learning. In the Hangar Flight School, under 1.1 Overriding Autopilot, it says, "Critical: To override Autopilot, toggle the Flight Mode switch to the appropriate setting for your aircraft type (S for the Phantom 4 and Mavic, P for all others)...
  12. C

    Autopilot issue

    Hi, I´m using Autopilot 4.2 with the Spark and the Remote. Hardware buttons (Recording, Photo customized Buttons C1/C2) do not work. Did i miss something in the settings? Similar experiences or solutions? Thank you. As far as tested, Cruise, Orbit, Follow do work well. Holding the Focus on the...