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  1. Ariyanoe

    Batteries dont fully charge

    Hi guys since I bought my spark I realized that, when I charge my batteries with the hub it will charge them up to 96 percent but when I charge them with a usb cable they will fullycharge I mean 100 percent! I don't know this problem is for my charging hub or batteries . One my friends told me...
  2. S

    SOLD - DJI Spark Batteries

  3. Australian Aviator

    Battery swapping while using an external power source.

    Can I keep the spark powered up on an external power source with an OTG cable (auxiliary power, to use an aviation expression) while swapping the batteries, so all systems remain powered up and flight can be resumed immediately without re-connection and compass calibration? Of course, turning...
  4. limesqueezy

    Four to Seven Spark Batteries Needed

    Not sure I'll get any responses here, but I need a minimum of 4 Intelligent Batteries for my Spark. I could probably use seven. If interested please start a conversation with me. Thanks!
  5. G

    Winter Storage

    being on the east coast and winter slowly closing in what should I be doing the store my spark and batteries for the winter months?
  6. Thai Tastic.com

    Batteries that detach themselves in-flight :eek:

    :eek: This might be your reassurance Se requiere un control de seguridad Anyone else experienced this yet? I for one am now on my second Spark!
  7. U

    Battery died in storage

    Hi I have 4 spark batterys they were fully charged did not use them for about 12 days 3 batterys drained down to 75 % showing 3 lights 1 battery is drained out completely no lights any suggestions Did any one have the same problem Thanks
  8. D

    Simultaneous Charging

    I have yet to purchase extra batteries for my fly more combo, so I can't try for myself. But has anyone been able to charge 4 batteries and RC simultaneously using the power brick? 3 batteries on the charging hub, 1 battery in the AC connected to a microSD cable connected to the power brick as...
  9. Palomino

    3 DJI Spark batteries Like New - $99 SHIPPED!

    Hi guys, I upgraded from my Spark to a Mavic Pro due to DJI's ongoing issues with the Spark. I have 3 spare batteries that I don't need. 2 of them have only been used about 2 times each, as I'd only used them the first time the day my Spark went rogue. The other one is part of the Fly More...
  10. M

    Batteries dropping mAh after every charge

    Hi, I have had my Spark for about three weeks now, flown it ,maybe ten times. I have noticed a significant drop in the mAh after I charge the batteries. Battery one (three weeks old) 9 charges - from 1480 mAh - 1382 mAh Battery two (one week old) 2 charges - from 1480 mAh - 1354 mAh How can...
  11. dynamic3dsolutions

    Dji Spark battery charging observations.

    Just wanted to share with you some observations we had while charging dji spark batteries. DJI did a nice job of keeping everything slim. The batteries slip in very nicely and lock. First thing we notice is all batteries are charging at the same time. This is a change from the previous drone...
  12. Alex_Tijero

    Some info about Spark Batteries

    •How long take to charge the battery? When using a standard USB charger, it takes 80 minutes to fully charge a battery. When using a Charging Hub, it takes 52 minutes to fully charge one battery, 55 minutes when charging two batteries and 85.2 minutes when charging three batteries at the same...