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  1. E

    Gorgeous California Coast Sunset! Pacific Coast- Morry Bay - Relaxing Ocean, Waves , Beach. Lens Filter

    shot with dji mini 2 using lens filter. Thanks for watching friends. Morro Bay is a great place to visit highly recommend.
  2. West St Pete Drone Sunset.jpg

    West St Pete Drone Sunset.jpg

    West St. Petersburg, FL (beaches near Tampa Bay).
  3. PAG Drone Photo.jpg

    PAG Drone Photo.jpg

    Pass-a-grille Beach, Florida.
  4. floridabeachbum

    St Pete Beach, Florida, USA - Beach Flight This Morning

    Fun with the drone this morning. I got up early, slammed a cup of coffee, and decided to fly at one of my favorite beaches. I got very lucky with the clear water, which only happens for a few days a year. Editing was in Premiere Pro, with no color correction or grading. I did pull up the...
  5. floridabeachbum

    Kitesurfing at Dunedin Causeway Florida

    A short video of some great #kitesurfing (and not-so-great #drone handling on my part!)⁠ Location: Dunedin Causeway, Dunedin, Florida. Date: December 1st, 2019 Drone: "Robin Sparkles" - a DJI Spark Music: "Laguna" by Raccy, via Epidemic Sound Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro Wifey: "We need...
  6. bnospk

    fly - ouessant, France

    ouessant, Bretagne, France
  7. S

    A beautiful day... Springs here...

    Thanks god this morning the sun was shining and the wind had dropped...)
  8. DJI_0005.JPG


  9. O

    1st. SPARK Showreel - 2018

    Hi there, Spark owner since August 2018. Below the compulsory showreel compiling some of my best shots from last year. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Music: Rameses B.: Memoirs - Cinematic Version.
  10. B

    Ocho Rios Jamaica

    Enjoy. I took at the beach with my family in Jamaica
  11. T

    Unleashed the spark for a week in San Diego, California (videos)

    My first time flying and really testing the limits of my spark (since I live in Alaska near an airport and can't fly around my house). I am definitely open to criticism that will help me improve as a pilot, and of course compliments are nice too :-D Hope you enjoy!
  12. DJ_EYE

    My Spark and The Shark!

    By chance, on my second flight of the day, I spotted a shark! Enjoy!
  13. P

    Tips for boat / sea / beach flights

    Hello! I've experimented few things with my Spark recently that I would like to share with you. It might be a bit dumb for many of you but I didn't think about that before and I've been surprised (hopefully each time I had a solution (chance) to escape): - When you are on a boat (and then...