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  1. A

    The Pier Project

    Just wanted to share a short video made with the spark. Still a work in progress and will be adding more to the video soon. :)
  2. sweezy

    Dramatic Cinematic Footage and Edit of Islands along the East Coast of Australia

    Hi All, Thought Id share a rare look at two secluded islands along the east coast of Australia. Since taking these shots these locations are at risk of a significant bushfires happening here. My spark was fitted with a NV filter to achieve silky smooth cinematic footage. The footage...
  3. lysak2003

    Mountains and Castles

    Hello friends! It is definitely true all we love mountains and castles. Another one trip, full of adventures and emotions, to the Borderland - Ukrainian Carpathians. Hope you enjoy! There are following locations: ... 00:01 Chervonogorod Castle 00:22 mount Zhandarm (1763 m) Dragobrat region...
  4. nilanjan118

    TSUCHIURA - Director's Cut

    Tsuchiura is an old castle town in Ibaraki Prefecture, 60km north of Tokyo on the western shores of Lake Kasumigaura - Japan's second largest lake. One of the major tourist attractions of Tsuchiura is the Sakuragawa river named after Sakura or cherry blossom which adorns its banks in the spring...
  5. S

    !Dolphins in Australia! Spark Footage

    While the northern hemisphere is freezing away it’s a sunny summer down here!
  6. nilanjan118

    JAPAN - Tsuchiura | Cinematic Drone Video

    Shot this on the last day of 2018 in Tsuchiura, Japan. It is a city located in South-Western Ibaraki Prefecture about 60kms north of Tokyo metropolis. Looking forward to seeing more new places and shooting at more beautiful locations in 2019. And on that note, wishing all the Spark pilots a very...
  7. Baqca Sanke

    First Cinematic Use of DJI Spark (video)

    I finally got around to do a little filming with my new Spark. I've only had it flying a few times now. The gps is glitchty so i was weary of flying over the river but we survived. Please let me know what you think. -baqca
  8. X

    Another new video from the 11 year old kid

    Yep, here is the new one. Thanks for watching. Please remember to comment on youtube. Also, if you give me a like and subscribe, I would really appreciate it. Thanks and check it out.
  9. X

    Three videos by an 11 year old kid

    Kai Tak, Hong Kong is originally sea and was made up to build Hong Kong's first airport. Now, it is demolished as the airport is moved to Chek Lap Kok/Kwok 20 years ago. Still, we can see some part of the runway left before it was closed for construction starting from yesterday Link: Vlog 001...
  10. PeterGould

    Dji Spark Cinematic Footage HD! - 1 Month Later!!

    Hello and thanks for watching! So I have had the Spark for 1 Month, done over 100km of flying and more than 10 hours up in the air!. I have already around 100gb of recorded video. Here is a quick showcase of some of that footage. I hope you enjoy the footage, took quite a few hours to put together!
  11. PeterGould

    Dji Spark Cinematic Footage HD! - Yokosuka Bay!

    Had a chance to send up the Spark for a few quick minutes over the bay. Being a military area I did not hang around long although it is not a no fly zone over the water I was not going to push my luck with the Japanese or American military. I hope you like the shots it was my first time to...
  12. PeterGould

    Cinematic Japan - Shichirigahama (七里ヶ浜) - Dji Spark Footage

    PMG Drones
  13. L

    My first Spark Video: Charming Boston Charles River sun set

  14. I

    Tried out the PolarPro ND Filters, What are you using?

    Tried out the Cinema shutter collection ND Filters from Polar Pro. Awesome results, found the ND filter selection APP spot on. What are you using? So far, Polar Pro top of the tree, Freewell stick-on ones, defo in the bin..
  15. ariber

    My first video!

    Hi all! Newly arrived to the world of drones, although amateur landscape photographer, I enjoyed very much premiering my Spark last August while spending a few days in north Scotland. I just edited the video and I wanted to share it with you. All this is new to me since I'm new to video...
  16. A

    Need some filming feedback

    Hey everyone. Just love my SPARK and its great. I am learning how it works and try to film with it and may need some advice on awesome shoots. I have my youtube channel where I upload my creations to so check it out and let me know if I can improve on something when it comes to filming with...
  17. I

    Getting Cinematic With the DJI Spark

    If you want to get cinematic video shots with the Spark, its important to understand the whole shutter speed/frame rate relationship. Main way to slow the shutter down & not have an over exposed mess, is to use filters. Tried the Freewell ones and.... eeerrrrrr ‍♂️. Who is using what? Anyone got...
  18. T

    First time flying, testing Spark as a professional tool

    First time flying and testing the Spark. I was curious to find out if Spark can give me some professional footage or I will just keep on using it as a footage scouting tool. And yes, the results got higher than expected =)
  19. C

    Getting cinematic shots with the DJI SPARK?

    Is it possible? Well, I tried and it would be great to hear what other's think. This is a collaborative effort with some of my fellow creators on YouTube, friends from all over the world. All the drone shots and camera work on my part was done by my 12 year old daughter. I am working on more...