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connection issues

  1. S

    Connecting with Android

    I have successfully connected to my Spark (RC) with my iPad, no problem, but I've been unsuccessful with my Android phone, a Nexus 5X running Android 7.1.1. In my Wi-Fi settings, it shows "Connected, no Internet" to the RC, showing "Spark-RC-688570". But when I go to dji Go 4.0 and step...
  2. M

    My Spark's Live Video Feed Keeps Cutting Out Mid-Flight

    Hey, Just got my Spark and so far so good except for the fact that my Live Video Feed (on the DJI GO4 app) seems to cut out after about 100m... Is this normal? How can I try fix this? Also, on a completely separate note: is there any obvious reason that everyone else's video footage seems to...
  3. Lancelot

    Range and Connection issue: What to check

    As I have seen many great answers around the range and connection issue, I thought there should be a thread that sum this all up, so that new people/ people looking for solution doesnt have to look into different threads and/or open up its own thread. This thread will be updated, so all...
  4. Skyler King

    Yesterday & Today my Spark won't broadcast it's SSID

    I have been having video feed issues, HUGE latency, with just an iPhone 7 Plus and also the Controller with an iPhone 7 Plus. It connects to Controller fine but has HUGE unusable video latency. Also, when I try to connect Spark to my iPhone 7 Plus alone or even my Moto Droid Z, the SSID isn't...