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    Taking Spark to Bahamas

    Hi All, My partner and I are going to America in a few weeks. Part of our trip is going to the Bahamas. Has anyone had any experiences of taking bring your spark to the bahamas through the airport? I have read a lot about how you need to have it registered etc on other pages or it could be...
  2. S

    Travelling with Drone Spark in Vietnam

    I heard stories of confiscated drones when you go to Vietnam and long expensive processes to gain permission so I was hesitant to take the Phantom and purchased a Spark in the hope it would go thru fairly undetected. Stripped it down to just the unit in the little hard case they give you which...
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    Taking Spark with you to India

    Hi, I am curious if anyone in this forum has experience taking Spark to India. Googling a bit shows that many had challenges in getting through airport security and customs with drones in their checked/carry on baggage. Do you think Spark will also have similar challenges, considering it's...
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    Traveling from United States to Mexico with DJI Spark

    Hello, I am a brand new member to this site, and still not sure how this all works so I apologize if I am doing anything wrong! I was researching about traveling to Cancun with drone, and how customs is. However, most of the info given was from users of the Mavic or Phantom, nothing really on...