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  1. G

    IOS 11.4 (15F79) Disconnect issues

    Has anyone else noticed the DJI Go App seems to disconnect more since new IOS 11.4 was released. i updated to latest version of IOs 2 weeks ago and when flying this weekend I got 3-4 DJI go app disconnects. What i mean is on the DJI Go app screen in the upper left is goes from connected/GPS to...
  2. B

    I Lost My DJI Spark

    Hi. Yesterday I had an incident with my DJI spark. I started to fly with full battery and with the remote controller. I flew a bit after that I enabled the function "dronie", after completion I began to fly to myself, after few seconds I saw that I had lost connection with the drone, but I tried...
  3. Liamski

    OTG has transformed my Spark Experience....

    I know it's not officially supported but OTG connection has transformed my Spark experience. Got the Fly More Combo, and my first couple of flights were a complete mess with horrendous video lag and frequent disconnects (I use a Sony Xperia Z for it but was same with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)...
  4. R

    Lost Dji spark. My fault?

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could tell me if this was my fault that my dji spark failed to return home and fell into the ocean. After doing the function "dronie", I commanded it to return home but it immediately lost connection and I was unable to reconnect therefore, it didn't land...
  5. C

    Device disconnected

    Using my iphone I have put in the password etc.. Spark registers and says I it is connected wifi..etc. But the app itself will not connect, even when I choose SPARK as the drone ( I also own a Phantom 3 Advanced) Any ideas?
  6. B

    Spark Power Failure During Flight

    My conversation with DJI via twitter yesterday about DJI Spark loss of power during flight. Hello, so just had something crazy happen to Spark. It was at 80' in the air 200' away from me with (Edited: 79%) battery. I switched over to active track and as soon as I did, the spark lost power...