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drone footage

  1. Hyperlaps Train.mp4

    Hyperlaps Train.mp4

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  2. J

    Never mind Downtown Abbey, check out this 16th Century English Manor by Sparky!

    This is a little small walk I enjoy near me in Liverpool, UK. Stunning little escape!:) If you have seen any of my previous videos you will know I love filming a variety of places with my beautiful little Spark:) Check them out out if you fancy it, would be much appreciated! All the shots near...
  3. J

    Watching and Chasing Ships as they pass by a 'Middle Ages' port. Sparky <3

    Heyyy! I really hope you enjoy my little video! :) If anyone could make somebody happy today and subscribe to my YouTube channel I would REALLY, VERY MUCH appreciate it! I really need to make 100, just so I can personalize my URL. Sad I know lol, but it would mean an awful lot! :p Thank you...
  4. J

    Millions!! of Daffodils! And a Poet! :) Beauty in the eye of a Spark;)

    Please forgive the cheesy title, I'm exhausted from a long couple of days work and my mind isn't working to well at the moment:p I've filmed and posted another video of this place, but in the snow. I'm not sure which is more beautiful a scene? I couldn't nearly capture the amount of yellow...
  5. J

    First Ever Designated Country Park in Britain! Perfect View! From England to Wales :)

    Hi there! Check out this if you have a couple of minutes, the view over the river Dee, UK, separating England from Wales. It's a beautiful spot for a walk, or a fly, and going there with my old friend yesterday was a great little unwind! It's only rather a quick edit, as I've been in work all...
  6. J

    Abandoned 'Art-Deco' Factory used in World War Two by Sparky

    This abandoned building is literally about 5 minutes drive from where I live so I couldn't resist making a little 'movie' when practicing with my Spark a few weeks ago. The building is very interesting, unfortunately I could not go inside it, but the external (and internal) designs are pretty...
  7. J

    Using the Spark to make a Pub Promotional video (Inside and Out)

    I've been flying the Spark and making little videos for just over a month now, but when I first started my friend asked me to try doing a little video for the pub he manages. This is an early edit so it's not the best, but it did actually work to bring some attention to the business! Here it is...
  8. J

    Filming an Abandoned Ship with my Spark, who said it was a 'selfie drone'?

    Heyyy! I've literally just started a YouTube account of my Spark encounters, if anyone is remotely interested in filming with the Spark, or indeed just beautiful places, then would you possibly consider subscribing to my channel? ( JonaThanksAlot! ) I know it sounds pathetic (lol), it's only to...
  9. J

    Flying the Spark down around Llangollen, Abbey and down Quarry

    Took the Spark to Llangollen, it's so easy to carry about, it's a lovely place to film. Check out the Abbey and the Quarry too:p I'm guessing it wouldnt fly too great in the mine? Check out my other videos if you have a few mins, subscribe and I'll love you forever;p Haha Thanks, Jonathan.
  10. J

    Flying my Spark in Sea Fog and Strong Wind with Wind Surfers

    Hi guys, Please check out my video if you have a minute. I've had my spark for nearly 2 months now and I've made a few videos on youtube of places I visit. Below is the link to the one described, but check out the others if you like. I'd appreciate any subscriptions and likes, very new to this...
  11. Skyer

    Drones in the neighborhood

    Hi there! I imagine this is what a real life SimCity neighborhood would look like. This is the first video I post combining shots from both my DJI Spark and Phantom drones. As always, thanks for watching. Any comments, questions, Likes, and new subscribers are much appreciated! Skyer
  12. Skyer

    Spark & Beach

    Happy weekend everyone! Here's a short video of the holiday weekend in the clear sandy beaches of the gulf. Brought the Spark to capture some aerial perspectives, such as the family of stingrays that can be seen swimming next to the shores in several shots. As always, thanks for watching. Any...