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flying over water

  1. floridabeachbum

    St Pete Beach, Florida, USA - Beach Flight This Morning

    Fun with the drone this morning. I got up early, slammed a cup of coffee, and decided to fly at one of my favorite beaches. I got very lucky with the clear water, which only happens for a few days a year. Editing was in Premiere Pro, with no color correction or grading. I did pull up the...
  2. nilanjan118

    Active tracking my bicycle

    Hello folks, I have been using the DJI Spark for about a month now and here's a video of me using the "Active track" feature while cycling. I would like to get the thoughts of the more experienced pilots about this video and may be some tips to use this feature better. Thank you.
  3. Simon Cooper

    Low and Close Flight Over Water. Aerial Footage of Athelstone Weir, River Torrens, Athelstone, South Australia

    To subscribe to my YouTube channel click the link: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo (I’ll reciprocate and subscribe to your channel)
  4. Simon Cooper

    Flying Under An Old Stone Bridge, Over Water and Amongst Trees, Deep Creek Bridge, Basket Range, South Aust (DJI Spark)

    To subscribe to my YouTube channel click on the link below: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo
  5. Skyer

    Spark & Beach

    Happy weekend everyone! Here's a short video of the holiday weekend in the clear sandy beaches of the gulf. Brought the Spark to capture some aerial perspectives, such as the family of stingrays that can be seen swimming next to the shores in several shots. As always, thanks for watching. Any...