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gesture mode

  1. Pegasus

    Gesture mode frozen

    Hello from Manizales, Colombia! During New Year´s Eve my entire family got together and I was ready to impress them taking photos of the group with my spark in gesture mode. Just to make sure, I tried it without witnesses beforehand. When the entire group was ready for the show, I launched...
  2. D

    New spark owner with "Gesture Control" Issue

    Hey guys, I already own a Mavic but got a spark for more quick flying and simple trips. I was very excited about the gesture controls because of the simplicity but they have been anything but that. When i fly my drone, the "palm launch" and "palm landing" work perfectly. The issue is all the...
  3. T

    Power failure during flight and return home in gesture breaks arm

    Dear fellow spark pilots, I was under the impression that in gesture mode return home would be deactivated, but today in gesture mode I didn't hear battery low or anything (since remote was way away from my ears) and while under a tree it activated return to home. Going up in the tree it...
  4. C

    PSA: Video Gesture Only Responds Up Close...You Have Been Warned

    Wow, so we've all been waiting for video gesture control, and we finally have it! I went out yesterday to try it out, and failed (video below) and could not figure out what the heck. Well it turns out, that although the app says 23 feet, the manual says 6 feet! What the heck again! So much for...
  5. His415

    Video Gesture mode How To

    I took a min to film my self Palm Launching, recording a video, and palm landing the spark. This firmware update is making it cooler by the min.