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Power failure during flight and return home in gesture breaks arm

Gesture mode and return to home?

  • In gesture mode this should be off by default

  • Should not even be possible in gesture mode

  • Should be on in gesture mode

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Aug 6, 2017
Dear fellow spark pilots,

I was under the impression that in gesture mode return home would be deactivated, but today in gesture mode I didn't hear battery low or anything (since remote was way away from my ears) and while under a tree it activated return to home. Going up in the tree it decided to turn itself off and say atti mode while crashing and breaking an arm. It was unresponsive of my instant intuition of pulling the left stick down.

The day before yesterday it fell out of mid air while in sports mode, I'm guessing this was because I didn't update that one battery. I was lucky it was at a height of one meter above grass but still.

This breaking of the arm of today really sucks... is there a way to turn off return home while in gesture mode? seems quite weird to have it as an option, let alone a default while you're in gesture distance.

Do you think I'm allowed to glue the arm back and safe myself a care refresh? I've had it for three days now. Really sad that this happened so fast..

Here is a picture of my tragedy.

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