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ios 11

  1. G

    IOS 11.4 (15F79) Disconnect issues

    Has anyone else noticed the DJI Go App seems to disconnect more since new IOS 11.4 was released. i updated to latest version of IOs 2 weeks ago and when flying this weekend I got 3-4 DJI go app disconnects. What i mean is on the DJI Go app screen in the upper left is goes from connected/GPS to...
  2. P

    Autopilot on Spark - deleting engagement files

    Hi, I cannot find how to delete individual engagement files from the engagement directory on the iOS device. iTunes only provides access at the directory level & Autopilot documentation does not seem to mention any other means of managing these files. I would appreciate guidance if anyone can...
  3. BrianP

    Newbie Q... upgrade phone or alternative app???

    hi, brand new spark owner here with newbie Q please... Looking at the spec of the DJI GO4 app it seems my iphone 5 will not run the app. What is the best solution please? -upgrade the phone or use a 3rd party app to fly the spark? Suggestions of suitable apps to fly the spark using my iphone...
  4. infamousevans

    New Spark Owner, occasional choppy video feed... do I OTG?

    I think honestly one of the most annoying things with the Spark is the occasional lag/skipping with the video feed. Can any experienced pilots help me with some advice? I really appreciate your feedback. It's been killer so far. Here is some of my info in case your wondering: Firmware for the...
  5. A

    How to downgrade to 4.1.15 for IOS

    hi there, how to downgrade to firmware 4.1.15 for IOS User? Anyone can help?
  6. Spark 317

    IOS 11 screen record function

    I did a couple of test flights and there may be a draw back to the screen record feature. It doesn’t record audio completely. It starts off fine, but as soon as the little lady says, "Home Point Has Been Updated" or “Take Off”, it mutes the recording through the whole flight until you close...
  7. G

    DJI App IOS11 Support

    Does anyone know if and when DJI plans to update there app for IOS11 support? Or does it already, I have not seen any official information yet. Maybe I missed it?