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  1. N

    Easy Spark Remote Controller mod to fit iPad Mini 2

    I was flying my Spark with my phone, but I had an iPad Mini 2 which fit on an Mavic Air controller just fine, but the grips on the Spark would not open quite wide enough. So I used my side grinder and trimmed back the restricting plastic just a bit on each side of the remote control and voila...
  2. limesqueezy

    iPad Cellular Advantage...

    I'm lucky enough to have acquired an iPad Mini as a platform for flying my Spark. It is cellular-capable. What are the advantages of putting a SIM in and paying ten bucks a month for having it? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. limesqueezy

    Video Editing on iPad Mini...

    Hi, I've searched the forums and looked at a bunch of posts, but they don't directly answer my questions, so at the risk of being flamed (you wouldn't do that, would you?), here are my questions. 1) Is anyone editing video with iMovie on iPad, or more specifically iPad Mini? 2) If editing on...
  4. G

    white bands

    On my iPad I see two vertical white stripes, but when I view the video or pictures on my computer later there are no stripes. Anyone else have this?
  5. J

    Spark with iPad mini

    I recently purchased an iPad mini 3 to get a better view when flying my spark with the RC. Unfortunately the screen is no where near as bright or as clear to see in the daylight as my iPhone 7s. Anyone else experiencing the same or do I just have a bad mini?