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  1. tomchipps

    Identifying your Spark after loss

    As well as placing labels outside and inside the Spark IE (FAA Registered ,123bla456blabla) also a reward label along with phone numbers. I also removed the micro SD card and placed a text message on it labeled "IF FOUND.txt" and in the text message, reward info , phone numbers, etc, etc...
  2. DroneAlone

    Insurance for lost drone?

    Have seen YouTube videos for the DJI refresh insurance which looks pretty good to a complete novice Pilot like me but...does anyone offer an insurance product for the loss of a drone I.e. losing it in deep water or similar cirumstance where the unit cannot be retrieved? If so how expensive is...
  3. O

    RTH - Return To Home

    Is there a way to turn off automatic RTH (Return To Home)? Would like to fly underneath trees or even in the woods. Also like to fly indoors. Need Spark to just stay in place with loss of signal. With loss of signal I can't even override the RTH. But I can move in to recapture the signal.
  4. B

    Spark Power Failure During Flight

    My conversation with DJI via twitter yesterday about DJI Spark loss of power during flight. Hello, so just had something crazy happen to Spark. It was at 80' in the air 200' away from me with (Edited: 79%) battery. I switched over to active track and as soon as I did, the spark lost power...