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  1. Tiller

    New Spark owner - 1st flight today

    Hi everyone! I have to say I was a tad worried after reading about all these issues people have been having with this Spark drone. Everything from over-heating to RC disconnects, blue tooth interference etc etc. Well, today I took mine out for it's 1st real flight and all went well. No...
  2. C

    New drone fanatic here!

    Hello drone family, I am a DJI crazed fanboy just dropping in on day one to say hi. My interests are my Phantom 4 Pro and I am upset I did not the get Obsidian edition..but the 5 will come out soon enough. But I do own the Spark Lava red and Mavic Pro (NOT THE AIR -SADFACE) Besides flying...
  3. infamousevans

    New Spark Owner, occasional choppy video feed... do I OTG?

    I think honestly one of the most annoying things with the Spark is the occasional lag/skipping with the video feed. Can any experienced pilots help me with some advice? I really appreciate your feedback. It's been killer so far. Here is some of my info in case your wondering: Firmware for the...
  4. T

    Welcome from Birmingham, UK! :D

    Hi, my spark arrived only 4 days ago. It was great choice . In next 3 weeks I will take some footage in Dominican. I believe I will capture lots of amazing views ;)