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  1. C

    New pilot from Kent, England

    Hello there, I live in the South East of England and have been flying the Spark off and on for a few years. It's not mine, it belongs to my son but as he doesn't use it these days I've taken it over. I've done the basic UK CAA training and am considering taking the training further. However I'm...
  2. Tiller

    New Spark owner - 1st flight today

    Hi everyone! I have to say I was a tad worried after reading about all these issues people have been having with this Spark drone. Everything from over-heating to RC disconnects, blue tooth interference etc etc. Well, today I took mine out for it's 1st real flight and all went well. No...
  3. C

    New drone fanatic here!

    Hello drone family, I am a DJI crazed fanboy just dropping in on day one to say hi. My interests are my Phantom 4 Pro and I am upset I did not the get Obsidian edition..but the 5 will come out soon enough. But I do own the Spark Lava red and Mavic Pro (NOT THE AIR -SADFACE) Besides flying...
  4. infamousevans

    New Spark Owner, occasional choppy video feed... do I OTG?

    I think honestly one of the most annoying things with the Spark is the occasional lag/skipping with the video feed. Can any experienced pilots help me with some advice? I really appreciate your feedback. It's been killer so far. Here is some of my info in case your wondering: Firmware for the...
  5. T

    Welcome from Birmingham, UK! :D

    Hi, my spark arrived only 4 days ago. It was great choice . In next 3 weeks I will take some footage in Dominican. I believe I will capture lots of amazing views ;)