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  1. M

    OTG cable and iOS 17

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. My Spark has connected fine over OTG even with my iPhone 14 Pro Max until recently when I tried to connect and it failed. No connection and no charging of controller either over OTG. Green light on controller but not connected to iPhone. Tested with my iPad...
  2. P

    OTG Cable no go w/ Lenovo Tab 4 / Android 8.1.0

    Hey Sparkies, Been flying the Spark w/remote controller, a Samsung Tab A 8" (Android 7.1.1) borrowed from my wife, and an OTG cable I found on Amazon. (Can't find that specific cable again or I'd post a link). All works reasonably well, and using OTG rather than WiFi linking of tablet and...
  3. Soar Like an Eagle

    OTG. I've not understood very well some things.

    Hello people, I've been reading DJI forum for a while but I've not clear what OTG, on an Android device, can do. I've a S7 Edge, and I've used an OTG connector to connect my phone to RC and I've noticed that it was recognized by DJI Go. My question is: What is the main reason to use an OTG...
  4. D

    3 new OTG Cables - USB C - Las Vegas pickup or ship $10

    I have some new OTG cables from Amazon that I can't use. Nice quality, braided cables. Save a few bucks, I'll mail them USPS for $10. Just can't get my Moto Z phone to work (unsupported), so I am using an older phone that does not have USB C. USB Type C to USB 3.1 Adapter, iSeekerkit 2Pack...
  5. M

    Strange crash - 4.2.12, OTG, active track

    I had a wierd crash today morning. I was using the new 4.2.12 app with OTG connection and was in active track mode, following my daughter on the bike. The Spark stopped because a tree braanch was in front of it, I bypassed it and initiated the activive track further. Suddenly the connection was...
  6. A

    Spark, Android and live stream to Facebook

    Hi everyone, I'm new here just bought a spark few weeks ago and I'm learning how to operate it, I tried to find a solution for streaming live to Facebook with andAndr phone for example, the only way spark will give u the option to stream live is when the android phone is connect to the remote...
  7. R

    Another one bites the dust

    I've been flying my spark consistently around once a week since I got it las july. Usually with OTG, but lately with Wifi as OTG was not getting telemetry with new versions and wifi seems to be getting more reliable lately. Last night I tried OTG again with the latest version 4.2.6. Hooked...
  8. I

    Has new DJI Go 4 App Update Killed the OTG Cable?

    So just update the Go4 App for iOS. Amazing improvement/Instructions for connection, but is this the end of the OTG Cable?
  9. S

    New User in the UK - OTG or Wifi and which channel

    Hi All, Brand new to drones and haven't even taken my new spark up for a test flight. I've done a lot of reading and watching and need help with the following. I own a spark and the controller. I have an OTG connector and I have an iPhone 7plus. Should I use the OTG as i've recently read...
  10. Y

    DJI go app 4.1.18 on Android killed the OTG cable support!?!

    Hello all, Is it happening for all of you at least on Android?? After 4.1.18 update I dont get GPS status nor battery status anymore using otg cable...it says N/A for both status. Did they really just do that and cut off otg support!?!
  11. S

    2 Spark questions- "DIY OTG connector?" & "Spark payload/sensor blocking"

    Hi! Loving my new Spark so far, and doing lots of fun experiments with it. I have two questions I haven't found answers to yet: 1. I've got plenty of lightning cables & micro USB's around. I'd like to combine a set and make a custom length OTG connector to try. Does anyone have a pinout or...
  12. K

    How to connect Tab S2 to RC with OTG

    My problem was that I could not connect myTab S2 to the RC with an OTG Cable. It worked without problems with my Galaxy S5 phone, so the cable was ok. But the Tab S2 refused. After reading numerous of pages and questions with answeres both here and on other forums, I got it a little more clear...
  13. John MacAulay

    OTG cables for Ipad mini 4 and Spark Remote

    I realize there has been many questions and answers here on this subject, but after all the searching and reading, I'm still confused about the proper set up of a new Ipad mini 4 (just ordered) and my spark controller. I tried a brand new Asus tablet which led to a 1 second lag on the video feed...
  14. Liamski

    OTG has transformed my Spark Experience....

    I know it's not officially supported but OTG connection has transformed my Spark experience. Got the Fly More Combo, and my first couple of flights were a complete mess with horrendous video lag and frequent disconnects (I use a Sony Xperia Z for it but was same with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)...
  15. I

    Who Said OTG Cable was Dead?

    Had heard that the OTFG cable was restricted etc after the last firmware update.......‍♂️ Anyone finding this?
  16. F

    has the recent update stopped otg cable hack from working?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum, so greetings to all. I have owned a Spark for only about 3 weeks, however, I'm not new to flying drones and have owned a 450 flamewheel with dji naza lite for 5 years now, and I also fly a number of racing drones. I read in someone's blog, earlier today, that after...
  17. Lancelot

    Range and Connection issue: What to check

    As I have seen many great answers around the range and connection issue, I thought there should be a thread that sum this all up, so that new people/ people looking for solution doesnt have to look into different threads and/or open up its own thread. This thread will be updated, so all...
  18. P

    Spark range on 5.8GHz better than 2.4GHz or OTG

    After latest firmware (01.00.0500) update & latest DJI Go 4 App update (4.1.5), I noticed that range seems to be improved. I decided to do a test from a multistory parking (to get a better VLOS) using OTG vs WIFI. To my surprise, I got best results (1.2 miles / 2KM range & a perfect signal...
  19. R

    USB OTG connection with an iPhone

    Hi, This morning I flew with my iPhone connected to the RC directly through an OTG adapter and a lightning cable. Everything worked pretty well, and I don't have any specific issues. However, I've noticed the following and I'd like to know if other people are seeing the same. Upon connecting...