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propeller guard

  1. R

    Simple hack to protect propellers in carry bag

    The Spark propellers can move about in the carry bag, and I am always worried it might get scratched or bent. Especially when I stuff the propeller guards in the bag too when I first got my Spark. You can buy rigid plastic thingy to hold it in place for a few dollars on eBay. But I came up with...
  2. W

    Spark's LED Cover Broken

    Hello, I got a Spark as my very first drone two days ago, It was raining when I received the drone and as I had waited half my life for this moment I decided to fly it in my Dad's automotive shop. I put the prop guards on, flew it for about ten minutes and everything went fine. I was putting...
  3. metzalx

    3rd-party propeller guards and finger guards

    Just saw these when browsing AliExpress: Propeller guards ($3.60) Finger guards ($1.79) Prices in brackets are the cheapest I could find :) They seem to be having a 10% discount now so prices may differ from above... Propeller guards seem to cover 280 degrees compared to DJI's 240...