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  1. D

    Flying Spark Out of range during quickshots

    I really like using the quickshot videos on the spark but i'm worried about sending it out to far and loosing the signal while its taking the shot (like setting it to a 200ft dronie). I don't have the RC and only run it off my cell. If I send it out to do a quickshot past the connection range...
  2. boilinh2o

    QuickShot Parameters

    Hello, I'm trying to get a sense of the circumference of the circle and helix Quick Shots.... I'll will go out to a big space to do it first... But I'm wondering if it's fixed or based on the size of the target. Is it safe to assume that the "start" point is where I fly the craft and then...
  3. Y

    Spark quickshots menu not offering the distance slider anymore

    Hello all, When i was on 4.1.10 android i had the slider available in quickshot modes to be able to set the distance in meters for the dronie, helix etc. But since i updated to 4.1.15 android and latest spark firmware, the slider is gone again like pre 4.1.10 when slider was not available...
  4. Y

    Noob Questions - First time Drone user

    Hello hello, just bought myself a Spark Combo with RC, tried it out for a few weeks and I have a couple of questions: After I paired the RC with the Spark I cannot find the Spark's wifi when I dont't use the RC. It means I can only fly my Spark with the RC unless I hold the Spark's power button...