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range increase

  1. Y

    Repeater antenna possible?

    So I love flying my Spark around, but I want to explore a bit farther. Im too afraid to fly my drone over water, trees, or houses in fear of losing signal and the drone not RTHing correctly. I’m especially nervous after flying my drone over some water a couple times and almost completely losing...
  2. nilanjan118

    My longest flight - Video with Telemetry data overlay

    This is the farthest I have flown till date. I didn't try to push the boundary too much. Just wanted to check how far the RC range had improved after forcing FCC mode. Telemetry data overlay on the video created using DashWare.
  3. Lancelot

    Range and Connection issue: What to check

    As I have seen many great answers around the range and connection issue, I thought there should be a thread that sum this all up, so that new people/ people looking for solution doesnt have to look into different threads and/or open up its own thread. This thread will be updated, so all...
  4. J


    DJI SPARK UNBOXING & HIDDEN FEATURE FOUND! Watch this video for the fly more combo unboxing: Watch this video for for the hidden feature of the DJI Spark: How to connect via a cable: DJI spark usually connects via wifi to your phone , either through the controller or directly, but there...