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remote control

  1. M

    how to get more out of a bluetooth remote.

    using a x-box 360 remote and just can't fly the spark more than fifty feet away anyone have any suggestions.
  2. Y

    Repeater antenna possible?

    So I love flying my Spark around, but I want to explore a bit farther. Im too afraid to fly my drone over water, trees, or houses in fear of losing signal and the drone not RTHing correctly. I’m especially nervous after flying my drone over some water a couple times and almost completely losing...
  3. DartME

    Spark RC charges but doesn't turn on

    So, I have an RC, it was working perfectly fine. I plugged it into the charger, it charges, but doesn't turn on. What can be wrong with it?
  4. Kikisparke

    Remote Control Main Board failure in less than 12 months!

    Hi all - we just want to share our disappointment with DJI service and product quality. I went to use the RC after it had been sitting in the case with the Spark for about 4-5 months...we have not used it very often. When I charged the RC, it would not retain battery power. I contacted DJI...
  5. Rammers1975

    iPad mini 4

    Hi , 1 .Does know if the iPad mini 4 fits in the spark remote without mods?? some people on you tube appear to use them but it’s not clear if they have adapted the Remote . 2. Is also the iPad mini 4 good for editing the 1080 30 fps footage ??? I don’t own a lap top or computer Thanks
  6. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Remote Controller vs Phone for Piloting SPARK .Poll.

    Quick poll to see what is the most popular
  7. Baron 2

    Anyone flying the Spark with just the RC and no phone app?

    I had linking problem to the DJI Go 4 app and RC after resetting password in the app. The RC alone connected with no problem, so have been flying with just the RC alone. It seems more stable and fun without having to carry the phone for a quick flight. Anyone else doing this? So what if you can...
  8. B

    Stick Not Centered RC Loud beep failed dial calibration

    I searched and wasn’t able to find any help. When I turn remote on after a few seconds I get a red rapid loud beep. It says “Stick Not Centered” (even though they look like they are). I go to calibrate remote, I run sticks around square box without issue then on the next page my physical left...