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sd card

  1. alditenen

    Where to transfer videos from Spark to mobile?

    Hi. I'm from Argentina and I'm new to this fabulous world of drones. Last year I was able to use a Parrot Bebop 2 and now a Red Spark. I wonder what folder we should download the extensive videos from Spark to the cell phone so we can edit them with the application dji go 4? I await comments...
  2. T

    SD Card help

    So with all the variations of microSD cards out there (SDXC, SDHC, Class 10, UHS-I, UHS-III, A1, U1, U3) looking for recommendations. Will probably be getting a couple of 64gb's. Thanks!!
  3. infamousevans

    Question on SD Card & Video Editing w/ App

    Hey guys, I actually got my Spark up in the air for a good long flight this weekend. We finally had a decent break in the weather in North East PA. I burned through 4 batteries and got a lot of really great video. I put a 64gig SD card in the Spark and all of the videos recorded onto it. Is...
  4. Alucard

    (Need Help) MP4 1920x1080

    Hi Masters! Need help on my DJI Spark vid format 1080p. I can't upload any ORIGINAL (1080p) videos in any social media like Youtube and Instagram. When im trying to upload, it says formst not supported or it can't recognize the format. I'd tried also Video editor app but still the app didn't'...
  5. J

    Spark suddenly will not let me access the sd card remotely-sphere mode.

    Been working fine for the few days; now I can't make sphere photos because this buggy aircraft is always doing something odd. Very inconsistent device. will forgo a mavic if thats what I have to expect from it. the last couple of days I've had no trouble with the sphere mode/stitching...