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    Spark wifi signal issues

    Hi, I just received my DJI Spark yesterday and tried to link it with my phone (a OnePlus 3 with Android 8.0.0). When I started the drone for the first time, I successfully found the wifi signal on my phone and connected it to my phone but I'm unable to find it anymore (while it can be found on...
  2. N

    Spark lost altitude and crashed on RTH

    I decided to fly my spark today over an open field trying to see how far I can go with it before it loses signal and come home.. So on a fresh battery I let it flew thinking if it doesnt come home on its own.. I will hit RTH when battery hits 60% trying to be safe. About 2000 ft in.. I lost...
  3. D

    Alternative WiFi Signal search?

    I just received my Spark Fly More set-up the other day. I set everything up, did the firmware updates and the linking the Drone and Controller to the phone and everything worked fine with the test flight in my backyard. What I was wondering: Is there a setting in the app where it can be...
  4. O

    RTH - Return To Home

    Is there a way to turn off automatic RTH (Return To Home)? Would like to fly underneath trees or even in the woods. Also like to fly indoors. Need Spark to just stay in place with loss of signal. With loss of signal I can't even override the RTH. But I can move in to recapture the signal.
  5. B

    Spark Power Failure During Flight

    My conversation with DJI via twitter yesterday about DJI Spark loss of power during flight. Hello, so just had something crazy happen to Spark. It was at 80' in the air 200' away from me with (Edited: 79%) battery. I switched over to active track and as soon as I did, the spark lost power...