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spark fly away

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    Beware go 4 update

    Hi all Updated the go 4 app yesterday and an hour later the spark Had a massive gps failure and flew god knows where? Absolutely gutted, on a clear field 105m away 17 sats connected Then gone If I ever get another one I think a tracker may be required Just a friendly warning and hope it’s just...
  2. H

    Dronie failed on new firmware, my spark fly away n crash (with video link)

    I updated to latest firmware yesterday 01.00.0500 on my Samsung S6E. After I updated I tried new feature in Dronie quick shot set up to 15 mtr. I fly using WiFi since I don't plan to fly too far that day, just to practice my flying skill. Herewith the video link DJI Spark Combo Kabur Dalam...