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  1. Liamski

    Tiny Planet shot....

    Shot with Spherical Pano mode, rendered with Theta+ for Android, edited with Lightroom Mobile. Pretty happy with it!
  2. AeroMirage

    Inverted sphere

    Experimentation produces discoveries!! I found a way to do a panoramic shpere with the sky, instead of the ground being the center.
  3. D

    360 panoramas made with the spark

    Hi, this is my favorite usage : I started to use the automatic sphere fonction, but now I do it manually in the bracketing mode. Uzès seen from a Dji Spark from 30700 Uzès, France Let me know what you think.
  4. I

    Whoaaa This Sphere Pano Update is Awesome.

    How to do the sphere thing & firmware update V01 00 0701 Awesome addition to the Sparks Armoury...If only you could share the end result..
  5. AeroMirage

    Looking forward to the Sphere mode

    I Think this is gonna rock!!! From: DJI Europe