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  1. West St Pete Drone Sunset.jpg

    West St Pete Drone Sunset.jpg

    West St. Petersburg, FL (beaches near Tampa Bay).
  2. PAG Drone Photo.jpg

    PAG Drone Photo.jpg

    Pass-a-grille Beach, Florida.
  3. Seal Beach Sunset

    Seal Beach Sunset

    Lady Azure Seal Beach California
  4. T

    Summer Solstice Part Duex

    Unfortunately doesn't look like you can upload multiple cuts on one thread. no biggie.
  5. Roy Rogers

    Sunset in real time

    5:05 - 6:54 UFO
  6. Onelight74

    Sunset Drama

    Captured this moody shot this Sunday evening. Still learning to fly and capture the best shots from the different perspective. Played with ISO and exposure settings in manual mode to capture deeper richer colors. All a learning process but having fun.
  7. O

    First post - first (Winter) panorama (from Denmark)

    Hi all, New member to the forum - thanks for the add. Been flying Spark since August last year. Due to winter ( and lack of light) haven't flown since min november last year. Yesterday weather and time permitted it, so I went out late afternoon. For the first time figured out how to stitch...
  8. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Sunset pic!

    Here is another sunset pic I just took tonight. There are a few lights on it ;) I am referencing a previous post SUNSETS, DJI SPARK Enjoy
  9. I

    videos for pilots yaaaaaaay : )

    Hello pilots more videos for viewing. This are some sunset videos as well as some other ones : )
  10. Simon Cooper

    Autumn Sunset Over Athelstone (Adelaide) South Australia

  11. G

    A day at the sea

    Hi guys, Been lurking around the forum for a while now, looking at all the amazing material people are posting! Thought it might be my time to jump in :) So there you have it, my first serious video - Hope you enjoy it! Cheers
  12. C

    My first attempt at capturing the sun set

    Long Beach California
  13. Katt981

    Sunset's Serenity

    One of a few sunset / sunrise video's I have now taken with my spark
  14. Tiller

    Long Island sunset - 1st picture taken with Spark

    1st picture I took with my spark. - Not too shabby :)
  15. Katt981

    Sunset from my yard at 100'

  16. F

    Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

    This is my first time to upload a photo. It is a shot of a sunset over the Great Salt Lake in Utah taken with my Spark about 50 feet up from my front porch.
  17. SuburbanHippPhot

    My first 360 Panorama

    Prettyboy reservoir at sunset PrettyBoy Reservoir by The Suburban Hippie Photographer
  18. M

    New York City Skyline and Sunset!

    My first production drone video. Please check it out and leave any comments/feedback! You can see the beautiful New York City skyline and the major buildings such as the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building! Shot from Cunningham Park out in the eastern Queens area. Max altitude: about 200 Feet
  19. bath1968

    Autumn Colours over Suffolk

    Longest flight so far capturing some lovely autumn colours over Suffolk. No filters used and no editing of footage other than title and music, enjoy...
  20. Liamski

    First Panorama with my new Spark

    Got my new Spark a few days ago but the weather hasn't been too good. Finally cleared today so first real chance to fly it. Shot my first Panorama this evening as the sun was going down....