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video handling

  1. infamousevans

    New Spark Owner, occasional choppy video feed... do I OTG?

    I think honestly one of the most annoying things with the Spark is the occasional lag/skipping with the video feed. Can any experienced pilots help me with some advice? I really appreciate your feedback. It's been killer so far. Here is some of my info in case your wondering: Firmware for the...
  2. I

    Cannot record while flying

    Hello guys, I got DJI Spark for a few days. I lost my memory card and since I use a new one (Sandisk MicroSDHC), I can’t record videos while flying. I can turn on recording in DJI GO App, but only when Spark is in my hand. As soon as it starts, I can only take pictures and the „switch to...
  3. G

    Managing video and photos

    It is not clear to me how DJI deals with the photos and videos taken with the spark. I would prefer to download directly from the card taken from the drone and inserted into my computer. I think I get an icon on the phone that indicates something is full, but it can't be. Also the mp4 videos...