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  1. Simon Cooper

    Low and Close Flight Over Water. Aerial Footage of Athelstone Weir, River Torrens, Athelstone, South Australia

    To subscribe to my YouTube channel click the link: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo (I’ll reciprocate and subscribe to your channel)
  2. Simon Cooper

    Flying Under An Old Stone Bridge, Over Water and Amongst Trees, Deep Creek Bridge, Basket Range, South Aust (DJI Spark)

    To subscribe to my YouTube channel click on the link below: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo
  3. F

    Anyway to set hovering altitude just before landing?

    Hi all, At the end of RTH when spark is landing it stops at about 0.3-0.5 before actually landing and requests for confirmation. That is very usefull for avoiding landing on water, as an example... well... calmed water. As a diver I find quickshot modes awesome for selfies and dronies...
  4. MileHighSi

    Battery got wet.

    I was flying on a beach recently, having used my carry case (the one which comes with the fly more package) as a take-off platform. I regularly do this on uneven or dusty (or in this case sandy) surfaces. However, it seems that this time I'd been a bit careless, as a wave came right up the shore...
  5. Chappie Chappeau

    A Nice Pan Up Shot With The DJI Spark

    My 37th flight with the DJI Spark...It's exceeded expectations in every way...Upgrading from an iPhone 6 to an 8 Plus has really enhanced the whole experience...And no need to worry...I already paid the 5 bucks...
  6. B

    Intelligent Battery Indicator Error

    Hi, Just crashed my Spark into water, while waiting for it to dry, the battery indicators blink not normal. It started from Left to Right repeating blink that couldn't turn it off somehow. I've been google and look into the battery guidebook, none of them suggest any solution. Does anyone...
  7. T

    Water Damage

    Hi everyone! I brought my Spark overseas and my drone fell into water, my mistake. Anyone know how much does it roughly cost to repair it with DJI? I do not have DJI care refresh and they don't cover it in my country as well. I got no idea if the main drone has issue now or just the battery. Is...