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1st Time Updating Firmware in My Spark, Remote, Battery...Suffering from 'SFUA'.

Nov 13, 2021
I am now ready to perform my 1st Spark firmware updates to the Spark, controller, and each battery. But I am suffering from Spark Firmware Update Anxiety….SFUA. I really do not want to screw this up. The Spark Manual p.50 devotes 3 sentences to the process. I have watched numerous Spark, Firmware Update YouTube videos. But most of the videos focus on the Assistant 2 or the WIFI firmware update processes. I use the OTG cable recommended by the forum.

As previously mentioned, a friend gave me this Spark since he was not using it. I have been able to connect the Spark, Controller, Go 4 App together, and have started the Spark in idle mode, with props spinning using the OTG cable connection. So, this will be my starting point to begin the firmware updates…just not spinning the props. In fact, props removed and all batteries @ 100%. I have cleared photo/video and browser caches in Go 4 app.

The Go 4 App displays ‘Connected’ on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, bottom left. At the top of the screen an orange/pink banner says:
‘New Firmware Update is Available’.
Beneath this message is the firmware to be installed:

‘Spark 01.00.1000'
'Spark Remote Control 01.00.0600’
The firmware versions above matches the last Spark Release Notes I downloaded dated: 2018.07.19

Go 4 app says it is @ V.4.3.46 (4385)
Question: I have not seen any release notes dated after: 2018.07.19. Are these the latest and last firmware versions available for Spark, Remote, and Batteries?

Once I click on this orange/pink banner, most of the YouTube videos seem to indicate that I just have to follow all directions as displayed in Go 4 app. In all the videos I have watched, a successful firmware update shows a paper airplane flying away.

My understanding is that the firmware update is downloaded to iPhone 1st and the iPhone updates drone, remote, and battery, 2nd.

Question: Are there any ‘gottchas’ or things I should look out for? Is the firmware update process more complex than I have described it to be above? Am I missing any steps?

I won’t receive my 2nd battery for a week or so. So, the orange, pink update banner will be gone…assuming I was successful with my 1st firmware update above.

Question: How do I manually update the firmware in the 2nd battery when I receive it? This is not clear to me in the YouTube videos.

Thank you!


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The Spark will prompt you to update the battery if needed.

You'll do it like the other updates with everything connected and powered up.

I think you have seen this post about switching the Wi-Fi back and forth.

The banner shows you being connected to the Spark and when you click the orange banner, it may say something like downloading that will get the update from the internet via device data or home Wi-Fi, then it will say installing...that's when you change to the Sparks Wi-Fi to install it.

Be patient because the aircraft will sit there at times and doesn't seem to be doing anything, but then the status lights start to blink indicating that something is indeed happing.

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