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Oct 16, 2018
I have no idea what you posted.....not gonna even look.....and its none of my business....

That said....

in my lifes experience....I know there are very few people who arent guilty of some type of offense that even though provoked some how would have been best if they had remained silent.

Ive been guilty of such...and probably will be again....

An apology from the heart shows someones tru character

I seem to remember something written somewhere a long time ago ...and believe it tru no matter what religion , race , orientation you are

something like

Forgive us OUR trespasses ....as we forgive those who trespass against us....

And if someone wants to rob me or my family I'll forgive AFTER implementing an eye for an eye and a toothe for a tooth....via a cocked and locked .45 :)

on a lighter note....

Im old enough to remember when Close Encounters of the 3rd kind came out in theaters.....and may have been the first non disney movie I saw....Im a year older but i bet you remember it too.

My first drone was a walmart Promark GPS 70 that would only fly after disabling all the :"supposed"

safety features....I almost came to believe landing props down....legs in air was natural.....and Im glad I have a tractor with a front end loader bucket that was real usefull to extend a ladder on and retriev it when it tried to run away...a couple times I let it stay in tree overnight in rain thinking that would teach it a lesson :)

Anyway....it did have way cooler lights than the Spark I got when it finally went bye bye....and my P4P v2


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